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RACE MOTORBIKES MECHANICS (this course is entirely in Spanish)


The main aim of our school is to provide the opportunity for students to become specialized race motorbikes mechanics in all categories, according to the methods, criteria and needs from the professional teams and specialized companies. Students are fully involved in school activities both from the theory area to practice.


- Technical specialist degree in High Competition Race Motorbikes Mechanic, approved by the Real Federación Motociclista Española.

- Diploma of aptitude “Monlau Repsol Technical School”.


The economic conditions are:

First year Tuition: To pay at the time of enrollment.

Course Amount: Includes teaching, school material, workshop consumables, extracurricular activities, company visits, conferences, Monlau Repsol Technical School apparel and student insurance.


a) 11 fractional payments (from September to July inclusive). b) Making full payment of the course, having a 5% discount. Second year: the same conditions of tuition, clothing, work materials plus the increase of CPI. Approx 5%.



1. Minimum age 16 years and maximum of 25 years.

2. Fill in the document “APLICATION FORM” completely including a current passport size photograph.

3. Submit this application at the offices of the center. Personally, by mail, fax or email.

4. When applying the place, paying 200€ as a right of pre-registration. (1)


Upon receipt of duly completed applications will be convened by telephone to interested parties to be submitted to the screening test. This test is crucial for the selection of future students. After evaluating this evidence, under the selection criteria Monlau Repsol Technical School results will be communicated by telephone to applicants.


The selected must enroll the following documentation. (2) 2 Photocopies DNI. Student. 1 photocopy of passport. Parents or guardians. 1 photo (passport size) 1 Social Security card photocopy. Photocopy of diploma or official receipt of the last degree approved. Pay the remaining 498€ to complete the enrollment fee. (3)


The total course duration is two years (from mid-September to mid-July) and it’s developed mostly on Monlau Repsol facilities. The distribution of classes and times in the course of competition mechanics is: - Taught at the premises of Monlau Repsol approximately 1600 hours of theory -practice (800h. per academic year). - Monlau Repsol Technical School ensures complete formation of students through practical at circuits for those who wish to pursue such practices and those who have demonstrated enough training throughout the course. - Organized as extracurricular activities, the students make some visits to companies and receive specific seminars (about 60 hours). The course starts in mid September and ends in mid-July.

TIMING It is possible to choose between these two timings:

MORNING: from 9:00h. to 13:30 h. AFTERNOON: from 15:00h. to 19:30 h


The main contents developed during the two years of formation is structured as follows: • Sporting and technical summary • Engine technology • Chassis technology • Applied Electricity Course • Workshop mechanics • Practical mechanics • Applied Computer Course • Machining Course • Technical English Course


With the goal of making a complete formation, Monlau Repsol offers students the opportunity of doing internships in competition teams where the school has numerous agreements and conventions in different disciplines of Motorsport and also in our own structures. In the last year, all students will participate in the school project of the Monlau Repsol Endurance Race. The project will last several months and will be assisted by their teachers, both in the classroom and in the circuit.

(1) The 200 € pre-registration right, will be paid back only if the student is not admitted, and for the students admitted, this quantity is on account of payment of tuition.

(2) Photocopies of the documents must be delivered without cutting.

(3) Once informed of the acceptance, the students have 15 days to enroll.