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  • · 500kms of Motorland
  • · Rallye Volant Racc

Monlau Repsol Technical School has its own racing department in order to develop its motorsports projects that work in parallel with the educational activities of the school.

This allows keeping teachers, technics and engineers active and continuously up to date in all the technical and sportive improvements and it makes possible that the students could realize practices at the highest level of the real world of competition.

The DCA is directed by David Simón as a Team Manager of the main national and international championships along with engineers like Marc Nadal and graduated students of the Master of engineering like Mark Tamaño and Daniel Vilar with a very close relationship with the coordination of the studies of the automobile.

From many years ago, The DCA is directly linked with the main car manufacturers associated to the world of motorsport such as Renault Sport, Audi Sport, Seat Sport among others and also it is linked to the main providers and also linked to the auxiliary industry related to motorsport.

Monlau Repsol has several agreements with different race teams that participate on different competitions in order to send its students to realize practices and to keep on growing on their skills.

Sport-related project: 24h Touring Car Endurance Series.

The Monlau Repsol Technical School  won the Touring Car Endurance Series (TCR category) in 2017. The precision and effectiveness of all the jobs that were done in the box, were crucial in order to achieve excellent final result. The long duration of the race makes that all the members of the team (drivers, mechanics and engineers) had the feeling to be part of a big family. It was such a big challenge for the school and for the future racing mechanics.

Sport-related project: CER- Spanish Championship of endurance The Spanish Championship of endurance is the main automobile competition of touring and GT cars in our country in which compete throughout the different race tracks of our geography. The CER is a fantastic chance for the educational aspect of Monlau Repsol Technical School because the students of mechanic and engineers can grow thanks to the school practices in the circuit. It is a true experience that supplies a great teaching value for the students.

Sport-related project: 500kms of Motorland The 500 kms meeting of Motorland is the endurance race that represents the end of the racing season. From Monlau Repsol Technical School we like to be part of this racing tradition and we say good bye to the competition with this race in Alcañiz.

Sport-related project: International GT Open The International Gt Open is a championship of Gran Touring cars that takes place in Europe since 2006. Originally, there were 3 classes in the Open GT: The GTA (similar to the GT2), the GTB (For single-make cars such as the Ferrari F430 Challenge and the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup) and the GTS (Similar to the GT3 of the FIA) in 2008, the GTB quit racing and in 2009 the GTA changed its name to Super GT. The Challenge of the International GT Open represents an uncountable value for Monlau Repsol Technical School. The project means a magnificent teaching experience for mechanics and engineers that teach classes at the school and for their students in practices and this project is also a reference for graduated students from Monlau.

Sport-related project: Kids to win Monlau Junior Team “Kids to Win Monlau Junior Team” is a professional go-kart racing team. We are in national championships as the Rotax series and the Spanish Championship. Kids to win is the result of many years of dedication and experience of the team members who are directed by Rubén Simón an engineer and teacher from Monlau Repsol Technical School, and most of the staff of mechanics that are in practices or students that have already graduated and are also part of the team.

Sport-related project: Renault Clio China Series The Renault Clio Series in China has been the official championship of Renault Sport in Asia since 2009. Originally it was started by Renault Sport in Europe, managed and organized by Formula Racing Development (FRD) and it is one of the most emblematic championships of the brand for over 40 years. In 2015, the organization of the championship relied on Monlau Repsol Technical School to ensure the good functioning of the Renault Clio X98 because that year was the first year of the single-brand championship in China. In 2016 the organization relies again on us in order to technically assist the competitors along the 5 meetings for this year.

Sport-related project: Rallye Volant Racc The Volant Racc/MAVISA trophy is one of the most consolidated rallye championships in Catalonia. In 2018 we will compite with a Peugeot 208 in the seven races of the Championship, four of them take place in asphalt and 3 of them take place in dirt all of them are part of the Catalonian Rallye Championship. For Monlau Repsol, the main objective of this project is to elevate to the maximum the educational level in the discipline of rallyes so the students can practice under true racing conditions.