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Monlau Repsol Technical School has its own racing department in order to develop its motorsports projects that work in parallel with the educational activities of the school. This allows keeping teachers, technics and engineers active and continuously up to date in all the technical and sportive improvements and it makes possible that the students could realize practices at the highest level of the real world of competition. The car motorbikes projects of the Monlau Racing School count with one of the leading teams in the Road Racing Spanish Championship RFME in the Pre-Moto 3 class and also in the FIM CEV REPSOL and in the world championship of moto 3. The DCM is directed by Jordi Arquer, Team Manager of the world championship of moto 3, Victor Carrasco as a team manager of the FIM CEV Repsol and the RFME Spanish championship of Pre-moto 3 along with the technical direction of David Cabau and with a very close relationship with the coordination of the studies of the motorcycle.

School Project of the 24 hours of Motorcycling in the circuit of Barcelona-Catalonia Our main goal is to train young students to be great professionals in the future and excellent mechanics of competition as well. Therefore, the theory-based education is necessary but every student will acquire the required experience in our own team or in the teams that we have commercial agreements. The school practices are the fundamental complement for the student in order to be a professional in the world of motorsport. Every year, the school participates in the most famous endurance race of the country, the 24 hours of Barcelona. In this race the students live in person the peculiarities of a race like this after spending a few months of preparation under the subject of endurance.

Road Racing Spanish Championship RFME School Team Monlau Repsol The Spanish Championship of Road Racing RFME is the most important national championship. This is the true base of our motorcycling in which the riders, mechanics and engineers get properly trained in order to reach bigger goals. Monlau Repsol Technical School has its own team in Moto4 class. Our Estrella Galicia 0’0 school team is the base of our sport project in Motorcycling. Many successful riders have emerged from our teams, Marc Márquez, Alex Rins, Alex Márquez,Peco Bagnaia, Lorenzo Baldasarri, María Herrera, Jaume Masia, Alonso López, Jeremy Alcoba among many others. To train these young riders combined with young mechanics and young racing engineers in order to reach the highest. 

Moto 3 and Talent Junior Team World Championship –FIM CEV REPSOL-Junior Team Estrella Galicia 0’0 The FIM CEV REPSOL championship is considered as the last championship before reaching the Moto GP. This is considered the last step for those international young promises that want to jump to the World Championship of Moto 3. Most of the current legends of motorcycling have been in this championship before their worldwide success. Our team, the Junior Team Estrella Galicia 0’0 is the biggest step of a project in which, the idea of surpassing oneself, the perseverance and the effort are presented, year after year, as the main values. The team is planning new challenges but keeping the same sport and educative values as usual. We keep training and educating the growing of our riders, and we enforce the growing of our mechanics and engineers thanks to the “on the track” school practices.

World Championship of Moto 3- FIM ROAD RACING-Team Estrella Galicia 0’0 The World Championship of moto 3 is the official presentation of the worldwide future of motorcycling. It is the championship in which young promises are discovered, within a few years they will end up disputing the glory in the maximum class. This is a new beginning for teams and riders regarding of the previous trajectory on national championships. Estrella Galicia 0’0 and Monlau Repsol Technical School complete its pyramidal schematic of formation and competition with its own team, winner of the moto 3 World Championship in 2014 with Alex Márquez. A prestigious and a privilege win that makes us the only worldwide school that is an active part in one of the most demanding and competitive sports in nowadays racing. For the Spanish Gran Prix races celebrated in Spain, the selected students will able to do the “wild card” school practice. The guarantee of formation of our students is evidenced when they become part of the World Championship.